These are the top 5 shooting games for your Android phone

FPS games are always in, especially if they are free and they are available on your Android device. Today might be your lucky day because we are bringing you our top 5 shooting games for your Android device.

Air Attack 2

For Air Attack 2 we might say that is part of a series of vertical shooters, spiced up with beautiful 2D graphics, the theme of the Second World War, and a bunch of very angry enemies.

Graphic in the game is absolutely great, which will be a bit problematic for older Android devices, so you might think of turning down the graphic for bit older devices.

You are flying in tiny plane that has infinite ammo and apparently enough firepower to submerge the huge ships.

For sure this sounds great, but we suggest trying the game before you decide to pay for the ads-free version.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a school definition of a “dumb shooter game”. It has a shallow theme in which the main characters are dotted with a pile of aliens, but it still represents one of the better FPS games for your Android device.

Shadowgun Legends is an elegant, fluid and eye-catching shooter that’s perfectly designed for short-term sessions, and best of all – it’s completely free.

AZ Rockets

The Rockets is an folow-up of 99 Rockets – a terrible heavy shooting game with an emphasis on precision. In this game, your task was to hit objects while your ship travels on a pre-defined route. If you miss one – the game is over.

The AZ Rockets looks similar to the 99 Rockets at first, but luckily a miss does not mean that you are done with the game.

Your goals are the letters, which, if you guess them, rearrange into beautiful motifs like ‘you can do it’ or ‘congratulate’.

Tower Fortress

Tower Fortress comes from the famous Nitrome Workshop and honestly – it’s one of the best and most difficult arcade shooters we’ve ever tried.

It’s a minimalist rogue’s title that at every walk differently arranges the dungeon that surrounds you. Despite its complexity, the game is fantastically fluid and the controls are really accurate.

There are some things which can be considered as a game problems. If you are owner of an Android device which has a smaller screen, you might be frustrated because you will accidentally press some buttons unintended. In some situations, this can become deadly.

Nevertheless, the issue is when you do die, you’re going to want to jump back in. The activity here is frenzied and slick, and there is a real pleasure when you het more and more deeper in the game.

Bear in mind the control keys, and remember not to rush in, and you will end up enjoying your time together with Tower Fortress.


PewPew is a shooter with two controllers for direction (also called as twin-stick shooter game). It really don’t have any story or plot but it still made in this list.

You are a vector boat, and you are attacked with tons of colorful neonatal-vector negatives.

In addition to all the above mentioned advantages, it is worth pointing out that the game is free, fast and very beautiful. In other words – you have no reason why you should not try it.



Since we could write about this kind of games all day long, we have decided to present you only these 5.

If you have played some of these, let us know which one is your favorite.

In case that you have some other reccomendations, plase feel free to coment below.




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