Tanki Online – How to get free Tanki Online Crystals?

What is Tanki Online?


If you are reading this post, we assume that you have most already heard for Tanki Online before or that you are playing it. It is a 3D browser game which is built in Flash. It’s free to play and it attracts more and more players who immediately fall in love with it.

In Tanki Online, players have their own tank and they fight with another player in 3D arena. By playing, the player can earn money for upgrading their battle equipment and advance in tank battle career.

Playing the Tanki Online game is straight forward; you choose your tank which have you previously upgraded with equipment you want and start the battle. The physics of the tanks is real and they can turn over bridges or stuck in deep pits. You can choose to fight in the Death-match, hunt down the Flag in the „Capture the Flag „or form your team in the Team Death-match.

By playing the game, you get experience points by destroying enemies, capturing flags or healing your allies. By collecting more and more points, you will be able to buy the upgrades you want and get the higher rank.

In game, you can purchase many new armors, weapons and bonuses, while higher ranks unlock new armors, coats, turrets and supplies. These new items can be bought in the Garage.

How to get free Tanki Online Crystals?

The currency which is available in Tanki Online game are Crystals. If you play Tanki Online you may be searching for some kind of Tanki Online Hack but unfortunately these do not work. We bring you few ways which really work and are simple enough that anyone can do it.

  1. Free Crystals can be gained by participating in various game battles. As in many other games, the rule is simple: the more you play – the more you will earn.

2. There is also a possibility to get them as a gift for inviting your friends in the game. By doing this, each time a player that you invited buys crystals for the real money, you will get a corresponding bonus on your account. You will also get crystals every time any of your referrals rank up.

This is where your marketing strategies come handy. There are numerous ways so we will also recommend some of them:

    • User can send invitation letters to his friend’s email addresses. The only need to do is to click on „Invite a friend „at the top of your screen in the lobby to invite fresh players and start earning free Crystals.

Invite tanki online get free crystals. Tanki Online Hack

Be sure not to create fake email accounts and send invitations there in order to get free Crystals. Creator of the game might notice that and ban you!

    • By placing or sending referral links. This technique is pretty much the same one as the previous one but you can invite some unknown people to the game by placing your referral link on some forum, gaming related articles and so on.
    • User can place flash banners in forum, websites and blogs that support HTML. Also similar to the previous one but more recommend. People tend to click on the banner rather than the plain link.

3. There is also a possibility to get Tanki Online Crystals by buying them with the real money. This is usually the worst way of getting the Crystals but if you are really in need for Crystals, then go for it!


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