PUBG Mobile Hack – Get free UC

PUBG Mobile Hack – Get free UC

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or in short: PUBG currently one of the world’s most popular video games. If you still haven’t, we will let you know why should you try it. If you are a regular player, then we might have something for you also; PUBG Mobile Hack which can be used to get free UC.

PUBG works on Android and iOS platforms. Of course, we had to try it out right away. PUBG, as it is commonly called, started public beta tests four days ago, but only in Canada. Today, earlier than expected, it has started to expand to other markets. The mobile version of the game is free, for example, the version for the Steam computer is available for € 29.99.

What is PUBG?

PUBG is an online multiplayer game of the battle royal genre. In this genre of games, the player must survive, explore, starve or search for some items to help him. So it’s an action game full of weapons and at the same time play a hundred players in an area of ​​eight to eight kilometers.

The player who survives last wins and the other players are ranked based on their success. Success is calculated based on the number of opponents killed, survival time and damage done to others. Although it is a mobile game, so there is no keyboard, mouse or controller, player management and targeting are handled very well.

On the left there is a virtual “mushroom” with which the player moves and by dragging his finger in the center of the screen, he can aim at the weapon. There are triggers on the left and right of the screen, so it can be fired and walk or shoot and aim. This makes the game much more practical and takes relatively little time to target and shoot an opponent, which is crucial for shooters.

Understand by Example

What is also key is the sound, which fortunately is directional, that is, in 3D. For example, you can hear which direction someone is shooting from, like a full-blown shooter on a computer or console. In fact, PUBG is dangerously close to a full-blooded shooter. The mobile version of the game is very similar to the Xbox version, but with a big difference, playing with robots.


There is an in-game option in PUBG Mobile known as Bonus Challenge. You can play the Bonus Challenge to win Bonus coins which you can redeem for free UC Packs. Remember that you will need some UC in your account first to be able to play the Bonus challenge.

There is also an option to bet bonus coins to win more coins, or you can win the bonus challenge matches to win coins. You also get bonus coins when you watch ads but it is a really slow method to earn coins.

Using Elite Royale Pass Rewards

Our second method may be very time consuming, but it is very effective. You need to spend $ 10 once. You must open PUBG Mobile and buy 600 UC. This will give you 60 UC bonus as well. After that, you must purchase an Elite Royale Pass card (worth 600 UC) and complete each weekly task that appears .

if you do this throughout the season, you will get enough UC to buy the Elite Royale Pass card and repeat the process. You will also earn other things by doing so, such as cards, new moves and cosmetics.

Exchange battle coins for UC packs

You’ll see that there are three ranks, Novice, Adept and Expert and they cost one, two and three bonus vouchers or 10, 20 and 30 UC respectively. You may earn up to 300 points in Novice, up to 1000 in Adept and 1500 points in Expert.

Each kill while playing in Novice mode gets you 15 points, while in Adept, each kill gets you 30 point. In the Expert mode, you’ll get 45 points for each kill. These points can be converted to battle coins as one point is equivalent to 1 battle coin.

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PUBG Mobile Hack

We believe that almost every PUBG Player has an issue on Purchasing UC (Unknown Cash) on PUBG Mobile. Their UC purchasing prices are very high, and by that it is hardly reachable for a lot of players. That is why we have developed this cool PUBG Mobile hack that will give you the ability to get UC for free!