Movie Star Planet (MSP) – How to get free Diamonds and StarCoins?

Movie Star Planet (MSP) – How to get free Diamonds and StarCoins?

Movie Star Planet (MSP) – How to get free Diamonds and StarCoins?

Movie Star Planet or commonly called MSP is a free social game for kids from 8 to 15 years. You can create your own character and become a movie star. To become popular you can choose from a large variety of clothes and hairstyles, you can create your own movies and chat with other players. Many players are also searching for MSP Hack which is used to get free Diamonds and StarCoins.

What is Movie Star Planet (MSP)?

It is a social kind of game that is free to play. While registering for the game you can choose to be a boy or a girl and create your own style. Probably the main goal of the game is to become a popular Movie Star. You can achieve that by social interacting with other players, creating movies, or watching other player movies. Players are also able to trade items with each others, exchange gifts, chat and become friends.
By playing the game you will receive Diamonds and StarCoins which players need to buy items such as clothes, hairstyles, home decors, etc. The more interesting you are, it will be easier for you to become a real MovieStar.
Above all, the main goal is to interact with as many players as possible, to get a lot of friends, enter as many competitions as possible and play a lot of games. That way you will become more and more famous and therefore you will be closer to become a Movie Star.

How to get StarCoins?

StarCoins is the main currency of the MSP. StarCoins are available to all players and they can earn them by playing the game.
There are numbers of ways to earn them so we will mention some of them:

– Maybe the easiest way to earn them is to log in to each they and spin Wheel of Fortune. If you are lucky, you might get free StarCoins really fast.
– Watch and rate other people’s movies.
– Play games in the chatrooms.
– Collect Gifts that will spawn daily so remember to log in each day and pop them.

How to get Diamonds?

Unfortunately, unlike StarCoins, Diamonds are reserved only for the VIP players. Players can use Diamonds in Diamond and clothes shops.
There are few ways to get them:

– You can purchase them as part of a VIP package, or as one of the Top-up packages that are exclusive to VIP users.
– If you are an Elite and Star VIP member, Diamonds and StarCoins will be added to your Piggy Bank every day.
– You can earn them by winning one of the Weekly Competitions.


Is there a way to become a free VIP?

There are a lot of rumors regarding this one. Some people are claiming that they can get you to become a VIP but this is really not true. There are a lot of scammers out there and you should watch out carefully because they are doing everything to steal your account.

The thing you should watch out for:

– If someone is telling you that it can make you VIP if you give them your username and password
– By using MSP Hack websites
– By using MSP Hack tools (it might be a keylogger that will steal your account credentials)

The only real way to get the VIP is to purchase it or by winning a weekly Competition in Movie Town.