How to choose safe password for your online game?

How to choose safe password for your online game?

If you’re playing online games you know that you need to have a secure password for your account. Using the secure password can be really hard sometimes and if you are playing several games it’s hard to remember all these passwords. In this article we will write about How to choose safe password for your online game?, what kind of password you should use and which ones you should avoid.

Your ideal password should be strong enough so hackers can hack it. It should be long and difficult to guess but it also need to be easy to remember and easy to type.

What type of password you should never use?

All of us can sometimes be lazy, but when we are talking about our passwords we should definitely make some effort to create safer password. In following text we will list all ideas which are bad for your password and can eventually get your account hacked.

  • Using a word from a dictionary. this is related to all words like “house”, “container” etc. There are a lot of dictionary lists available which contain thousand of know combinations of words. Hacker use programs which will try to login to your account with each of these passwords.
  • Using your username or real name is also bad. Someone who know you or your username can easily guess this.
  • Using any word from a dictionary with number before of after it (for example, house3).
  • Using any word from a dictionary with capitalization (for example, House, Container).
  • Using any word from a dictionary reversed (for example, reversing house to esuoh), doubled (househouse), or mirrored (houseesuoh).
  • Using any word from a dictionary and substituting some characters (for example house3). Hackers know that people do this often and they will take this into the consideration.
  • Using keyboard patterns (for example, qwerty or 12345). These kind of passwords are easiest to crack.

In below points, we will describe what it takes for creating a strong password:

  • Your password should be at least 8 characters long ( or even longer if this is accepted).
  • Use a mix of upper and lower cases, add numbers and special characters (!, ?, & …)
  • Use a special character in the middle of the word (for example ho&use)
  • Use some phrase which you think of (for example A drop in the ocean will become a DiTO)
  • If you mix above example with  number it can easily become a D1T0
  • Combine several of the above techniques.
  • Use some password for which you think that nobody will never guess it. This password should be logical only to you and should be nearly impossible for others to guess.


    Please keep in mind that there are people who would like to steal your account by cracking your password. By choosing strong and long password it will be much harder for them to guess it and this will keep your accoutn safe. Remeber to not be lazy while choosing you password, because security is important!