How can I get My Little Farmies Free Gold Bars and Thallers?

How can I get My Little Farmies Free Gold Bars and Thallers?

Farm games are distinguished by their simple principle of breeding animals, planting and selling the products you have produced for the game money. This cool browser game, allows you to create your own farm. Here you’ll create green meadows in a village: this simulation permits you to grow plums, apple products, plant rice, wheat, fruit trees, and run other production facilities.

You can breed animals, seedlings, make buildings, etc. Since many players are searching for My Little Farmies Free Gold Bars and Thalles, we will mostly focus on that part. You’re the one who will decide which things you’ll use on the farm and which turn you will bring on your farm, the products that you want to specialize in to earn money, where you need to set up the buildings. Be sure that your decisions are economic and not to get broke.

In My Little Farmies, possibly the most joyful game of this kind, you can make a fraction of items every day or the cards of a particular value. Every day you can start booster packs that are free and collect card items. But visiting with a friend is a gift that is valuable to you. Visit the farms of your market and win the items of ornaments for which you won’t have to waste your money to buy them.

Can I get free My Little Farmies Gold Bars and Thallers?

When it comes to the currencies in the game, there are two different currencies: Gold and Thalers Bars. Gold Bars are only known as Gold in the game. But what’s the distinction between Thalers and Gold? Gold is the money that is exclusive, as its name indicates. Thalers would be the game money in My Small Farmies.

These resources can be earned by you for instance, by selling goods to clients. Most offers and features including animals as well as a multitude of other items and accessories can be bought in My Little Farmies.

Gold, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to buy extraordinary items and purposes. It’s no surprise that Gold is highly desirable. That is why one of the most common questions is „How can I get free Gold Bars in My Little Farmies?

How can I earn Gold Bars in My Little Farmies?

  • You can get them by finishing story tasks
  • Another possibility would be the Gold Shop. By clicking on the Gold wedges on the upper left of your My Little Farmies view, you can hit the Gold Shop. You’ll be hauled to the Bank. Inside this area, you will have two options. You can either click on the button labeled “Gold Shop” which will take you directly to the Gold Shop, where you could buy the shiny currency for real money, or you’ll be
  •  Gold for Thalers. To do so, click the “OK, Exchange” button in the Bank area. You will get 250 Thalers for each Gold Bar. To be able to utilize this function you must have Gold Bars that you can exchange.
  • The Booster represents an additional method to get Gold Bars. Sometimes you may get Gold bars as a Booster reward, which is really cool. It is worth taking a peek at the Booster and checking your My Little Farmies account.

How can I earn Thallers in My Little Farmies?

You can make a lot of Thalers in My Little Farmies just by playing the game regularly. You’ll get them on following ways:

  • Selling goods from your warehouse
  •  Selling products to customers who’ve thought balloons over their heads. In the thought balloons, you will see exactly what it is that the client needs.
  • You can make Thalers by selling goods.
  • You’ll also be rewarded with Thalers when you level up.
  • You’ll get Thalers for successfully finishing story jobs.
  • Earn additional Thalers by Reaching accomplishments.
  • Fined Thalers at Boosters, possibly in the kind of a money card or as a Thaler Pack.
  • You can find Thalers clanking on your coin purse if you sell items that you don’t need anymore.


Now when you have come to the end of this article, we are sure that you know all of the important info about the question „How to get free Gold Bars in My Little Farmies?”.

Start building your own My Little Farmies village and turn it from a very simple farmyard into an impressive village landscape, step by step. There are many players crazy about this game, so in case that you still haven’t played it, it is the right time to start!

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