How to get coins in Pixel Gun 3D? (4 simple ways)

In this post we will write about how to easily get coins in Pixel Gun 3D without using any kind of Pixel Gun 3D cheats or Pixel Gun 3D coin generator. This will be useful for all of you who want to play fair and get the coins and gems easy, fast and what us most important completely legal.

What is Pixel Gun 3D?

Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person multiplayer shooter in which you play as ‘Pixel Man’, a pixelated character that can be customized to your own look. Pixel Gun 3D sports well-known graphics that draws directly from the Minecraft universe and offers you to challenge your friends, co-workers or anyone around the world.

The Pixel Man finds himself in a very uncomfortable situation when, in the middle of the night, hordes of zombies came to take his farm by storm. But these brain-eaters were not content with only the small village in which Pixel Man resides. They spread everywhere and sow a mess as they move forward. You have to survive the attacks and try to discover the reason for this terrible zombie apocalypse.

Pixel Gun 3D offers a multiplayer mode online but also locally that allows you to browse exceptional maps of various sizes. With the many weapons at your disposal (magic bow, M16 combat rifle, Desert Eagle, etc.), Pixel Gun 3D offers several game modes. It is possible to face your friends in classic death matches, fights to death, team fights, flag capture or survival mode.

You can also, with the money (coins) earned in victorious matches, buy more powerful weapons, capes, masks, boots, hats, etc. Very recently there was even one last modification where the creators added pets. Now you can have pets that help you kill your opponents or their own pets.

How to get coins in Pixel Gun 3D?

This guide will show you how to get coins in pixel gun 3D really fast alongside ranking up very fast in leagues without use of any sort of hack. For achieving this, we have had to resort to finding out the best ways to get these coins using legitimate strategies and we have found the most optimal ways to do exactly this.

We have five different methods in this article and you can decide between four easy ways and one hard way. The hard strategy has a chance of you losing some league points but it reaps a bigger reward. The easy ways are pretty solid and safer but it will take just a little bit longer to get those coins.

1. Deadly Games (Hard)

Go into deadly games mode , you may end up dying a lot if this is the first time going into deadly games but over time as you practice you get better. You’re going to be ranking up very fast in leagues and get much more coins than in other modes.

Pixel Gun 3D how to get coins In this post we will write about how to easily get coins in Pixel Gun 3D without using any kind of Pixel Gun 3D hack or Pixel Gun 3D coin generator.In this post we will write about how to easily get coins in Pixel Gun 3D without using any kind of Pixel Gun 3D hack or Pixel Gun 3D hack

First you need to go for a map that is a little bit close to range like the ‘Stadium’ map, where you have a better chance of finding people and killing them as fast as you can. You should get your weapons out asap and start shooting. The more people you kill the better chance you’re going to get more league points and coins. You may be able to get up to 5 coins in 30 seconds of gameplay as you get accustomed to the map and mode. If you calculate that over time, you will be able to get upwards of 300 coins every 10 minutes.

If you choose larger ranged matches such as ‘afternoon battlefied’, ‘parallel world’ or ‘foggy swamp’, you run a risk of taking more time to find the enemies and it will not be worth your time

2. Co-op survival (Easy)

Set up your own co-op survival game with a friend and go for ‘deadly arena’ which is the easiest and smallest map, and one where you can get the most amount of points and coins. You need to kill as many zombies as you possibly can in a short amount of time. You have to equip your most powerful weapons, like the sunrise or a sniper rifle and get as many kills as you can to get somewhere around 6000 points. Equip weapons that have a very large clip or magazine to save on reloading time

3. Daily quests (Easy)

While daily quests do not give a lot of coins, these do really add up. For just getting 15 kills with a primary weapon for example you could get ten coins and one gem.

Daily Quest Pixel Gun 3D how to get coins gems In this post we will write about how to easily get coins in Pixel Gun 3D without using any kind of Pixel Gun 3D hack or Pixel Gun 3D coin generator.

4. Campaign (Easy)

These missions don’t take a lot of time at all. You can do the full campaign in half an hour and if you plan on playing in hard mode each level will give you 5 coins. Every level only takes around a minute or two and this is a ‘guaranteed’ amount of coins unlike multiplayer mode. As an added bonus to campaigns, every time you beat a ‘world’ you get a huge reward. It adds 15 coins and 5 gems to your original amount as a minimum. A full campaign reaps around 100 coins in one hour.

Pixel Gun 3D has three worlds.
The first being ‘Pixelated’ World and encompassing 9 levels :

⦁ Farm
⦁ Cemetery
⦁ City
⦁ Hospital
⦁ Bridge
⦁ Prison
⦁ Forest
⦁ Area 52
⦁ School

The second is ‘Block world’ offering 6 levels

⦁ Area 52
⦁ School
⦁ Village
⦁ Desert
⦁ Sky Islands
⦁ Winter Islands
⦁ Hell Castle
⦁ The end

Crossed worlds has 5 levels :

⦁ Swamp
⦁ Castle
⦁ Space Station
⦁ Megalopolis
⦁ ‘????’ (code world)

What benefits does this guide have form me?

Using this guide, you will soon be able to purchase the best elements of the game. You will be able to buy:

-The best weapons.
-The best clothes (hat, mask, armor, skins, cape, boots).
-Gadgets (Launched, tool, help).
-Enjoy the super incubator to get legendary pets.
-In short, no need to expand the list to make you understand that gems and coins can buy all that is needed to be the best in the game. Someone who can have as much as he wants, has more chance to evolve and to make a place in the ranking of the game than someone who plays completely free to play.

That’s why we really hope that you will enjoy our guide and that you will be able to take advantage of it to make sure you stand out in the game. In case that you need tutorial how to get coins for your game, please let us know buy sending us the email from our contact form.

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