Free Robux – Expectations vs Reality

Free Robux – Expectations vs Reality

Roblox is one of the most popular games out there on the gaming market. The game attracts huge amount of players and it’s the great platform to hang out with your friend and other players all around the world. Normally, there will always be some percentage of people who will try to find the way to get free Robux by using some kind of Roblox hack .

There are many Roblox Hack and Roblox Robux generator available online, but are they worth of trying them?

That is why we are here, to teach you what’s legit and what’s not. Remember, only the small mistake and you can lost your account forever!

In following text we will expose some of the scams which are out there. We will also cover some of the legit ways how to get free Robux, without using any kind of Roblox Hacks and cheats.

1. Roblox Hacks

In case that you are one of the guys who are trying to get some Free Robux by using Roblox hacks, we have some news for you: THEY ARE NOT REAL! Yes, Yes, you have seen the video on the YouTube and you can see how it works, but again: THEY ARE NOT REAL!

What is the reason why people make it if they do not work? Well it’s hard to find some general concussion but in most cases the reason is the money or getting your account information.

There are few versions of Roblox hacks available, some of them are in the shape of downloadable .exe or can be advertised as Online hacking tools (e.g. Roblox Hack Online).

1.1. Downloadable Roblox Hack programs

In case of downloadable .exe file they can either be fake (non working) programs or they can be malicious programs which are there to take your account credentials.

If you have decided to try some Roblox Hack which has the “Email” and “Password” field, it is more likely that the program is sending this information to the creators email. In case that you have used some of these programs you should change your password as soon as possible, before the hacker doesn’t change your password.

1.2. Online Roblox Hack

There are also online Roblox hacks which are basically relatively new and this kind of hacks attract more and more people. They don’t require downloading any files so they are maybe bit safer but again, the purpose it the same, either to take your credential or to make some money on you.

How do they make money out of this? Well if you have evered tried you have most likely stuck on “Human Verification” or “Complete the offer” notices. It basically pushes you to download the game or app to your phone, fill out a survey or subscribe to some service.

After you have unlocked this “Human Verification”, resources will not be added to your account and you will lost few minutes of your life.

2 Legit ways to get free Robux

Since we have cleared out that free Roblox Hack does not exist, we will write about legit ways which will allow you to get free Robux.

2.1 Join the Builders Club

By joining the Builders Club you can get daily amount of Robux for free. Well, it is not completely free as there is the fee for joining to the club.

There are 3 versions of paid Builder Club packets; Classic, Turbo and Outrageous. In case that you join the Builders Club, you can enjoy in free Robux which will be added on daily basis.

Below photo shows the features and prices of different Builders Club versions.

2.2 Make a popular game

It sounds a lot harder than it is. You need to have an idea about the game and then it is easy to create it. It is important that you make an interesting game that people would like to play. After you created a game and people started to play your game, every time they get into the game they will see a shop at the side. Whatever they choose to buy is going to make you earn Roblox money.The more they play and use your shop to improve their game better for you because you will earn a lot of free Robux.

You might be wandering how to put your game out there and get as many visitors as possible. The answer is by advertising. Join groups and present your game there and get people to join it. The more people join it, the higher it gets on search and it gets popular.

2.3 Trading

Trading is a very good way to get rich in Roblox. The thing is that you need builders club to trade. If you do not have builders club, there are ways to get Robux without builder’s club.

Once you get your first limited item you need to let it sit there. Then keep trading it back and forward with people and make sure you always get a better deal. Once you start slowly rising, you will get a bunch of limited items. Those limited items will start to gain value as you go on. It is important to have as many green trades which means you got the better deal.

So, it is easy to trade and get Robux that way.

2.4 Finding giveaway games

There are lots of places called donation center. Just type donation and you will find lots of groups and games that will donate. If you do not have many Robux and if you are lucky, someone in that game donating Robux will give you some Robux.

So, if you are lucky and they are feeling generous, you can get free Robux that way.

2.5 Promotional links

All you should do is to click trade and then promotion. After that, open a new Roblox tab and find a game that is fun, like Jailbreak. Then copy link of that game and paste it in the Roblox URL. When you are done, you need to set up your promotional link. After generating your promotional link, you need to share that link everywhere, like Twitter, Facebook etc.

You want as many people to click on your link because when they click on your link and sign up on Roblox whatever they buy there you get 10% of it. It is the easiest way to get free Robux.

2.6 Sell clothes

You need to be Builders Club for this. Once you do get Builders Club, you can get a bunch of Robux. If you go to the store you can sell lots of clothes there.

Shirts do not need to be expensive to make you rich. They need to be interesting and special so people will want to buy it. Make sure you post an eye-catching title to whatever you are selling.

nstructions on selling the clothes:

To sell your clothing creations:

  • As stated above, in order to have the possibility to sell your clothes you need to be in Builders Club.
  • Go to your Develop section located in the blue bar at the top of the site.
  • Click on Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts.
  • Now click the gear to the right of the item you want to sell.
  • Click Configure.
  • Now select the “Sell this item” checkbox.
  • If you want to sell it for Robux, check the “Robux” checkbox.
  • Enter the amount of Robux for which you want to sell your clothing.
  • Click the Save button.