Downloading suspicious .exe files? Be careful, it might be a keylogger!

Downloading suspicious .exe files? Be careful, it might be a keylogger!

In order to be better in the game, many players decide to cheat and use some kind of resource generator tools. This is complete waste of time because due to modern, high degree of protection, online games are nearly impossible to hack.

Event though it is not possible to hack the game, attachers decide to build fake hacking programs which are only built to fool you and in some cases to steal your account.

Today we will talk about keyloggers, and they are doing exactly as the name says: logging the keystrokes of your keyboard. In following text we will write more about them and how to protect yourself from such malware.

Sometimes it is really easy to spot these kind of programs because you will be prompted to enter the username and password. In most cases, such tool is built in that way that it sends this info to the attackers email. After the attacker receives your login credentials, he will login and change your password. After that your account can be sold on the black market, especially if your account is healthy, with many rare items and with many resources

Besides this obvious scam hacks, you can be a victim of more profined keylogger which can be really hard to detect by yourself.

These kind of keyloggers can be purchased on the black market and let the attacker to decide which icon, name, file size will it have and similar. For this kind of software it is enough to just start it and it will run in your memory until you or your antivirus notice it. It is also possible to set it up to start together with Windows so restart will not save your issue.

How to protect your PC against keyloggers?

  1. Be careful what you are downloading. There could be a possibility that hack for your most loved game is just the keylogger which is trying to steal your account.
  2. Use the antivirus program and have it updated all the time
  3. Use the firewall
  4. Install anti spyware or antimalware programs

What to do if you suspect that you are affected with keylogger?

First of all, start your antivirus and scan your PC. In case that you have not latest update, please download latest one. If you need to enter your password and you suspect that the keylogger might be logging your keystrokes, start writing your password in Notepad. But add some additional text in between. By using copy paste you can select only the pieces you need for your password and paste it  in the password field. Keylogger will not get your password in one piece and it will be harder for attacker to find it.

n case that you are not able to find it and stop it, restore your PC to an earlier point or in worst case reset your PC to factory defaults.


Be careful while downloading .exe files from unknown sources. If you noticed that something suspicious, do not start it. Keep your antivirus updated because this is the only way to notice advanced keyloggers.

We hope that this guide will help you to become more conscious about the internet in general. While there are so many great things which can be found online, game hacks might be one of the  potential risks for your PC.